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OWC - Already Alright

Already Alright

Already Alright

Een dansworkshop die ons eraan herinnert dat we al o.k. zijn zoals we zijn. We laten ons verrassen door wat er in ons klaar is om naar boven te komen en geïntegreerd te worden. 

Deze week is persoonlijk voor elk van ons en tegelijk is er de ondersteuning van ons samen komen. We dansen diep en op die manier creëren we ruimte om nieuwsgierig, ontspannen, opgewonden en verrast te zijn door wat er klaar is om naar boven te komen en geïntegreerd te worden. Gebroken of bang, waardeloos of waardevol, opgewonden of verloren of hopeloos gelukkig - wat als alles wat we voelen verwelkomd, gedanst en onderzocht kan worden? Wat als we niet vooraf hoeven te weten wat we nodig hebben of wat er zou kunnen gebeuren? Deze simpele maar radicale visie kan alles veranderen. 

In verbinding met onszelf en elkaar interesseert het ons misschien niet langer te denken dat er iets mis is met ons. We veranderen van kanaal. We vechten niet langer tegen de sluimerende angst dat we niet echt o.k. zijn. Daardoor ontspannen we en openen we ons voor vreugde en ruimte. Vrijheid en frisheid verschijnen, soms wanneer we ze het minst verwachten.

Elk jaar bouwen we ons vertrouwen op in wat er klaar is om naar boven te komen. Deze jaarlijkse bijeenkomst is elk jaar fris en nieuw, en bouwt elk jaar verder op al onze jaren van samen dansen. Ze helpt ons om ons de waarde van onze unieke bijdragen, onze nieuwsgierigheid en ons o.k. zijn te herinneren.

Nieuwkomers heel erg welkom, en anciens even welkom als altijd.

Assistentie: Frie Lavelli

Tip van Sue: kijk ook eens hiernaar:

"... to say how grateful I am for having had the opportunity to follow your group at Bois-le-Comte  at a unique place which is only one hour from my home without me knowing it before. The course, the place, the surroundings and last but not least the kitchen and its staff were all one allowing me to be one with the amazing group. I remember well Sue's  explanation on the leaves you open one by one and you never know where you go and what comes next, joy anger, sadness, disappointment, hope, inner feelings changing from one to the other - and much more which is not yet discovered … tremendously exciting and exhausting work. Back to my day to day my stay in the ferme is still omni present and I enjoy that. We will definitively meet again." - Pierre from Luxembourg

"Amazing this year how there was much creativity and very little drama in my experience. The 'Already Alright' theme was mainly the reason I think. This theme is inspiring me to leave the past as much as possible and be more open for the actual moment, enjoying and/ or processing what's right here and right now! It was easier this week and much more fun and creative!
Each time again I feel supported by you, accepted as I am and encouraged to go in myself where I never went before because I was too afraid to go there or didn't even know these places existed in myself. That's what I love so much when you teach and/ or follow the group energy." - Philippe D.

"I would like to share my immense gratitude for the "Already Alright" course! Marvellous is too small a word to put it. It was incredible, humongous in its consequences, heavenly, and so very deep!"

" At several times while I was on the floor, I was grateful both to the 'wild' group for expressing the rawness, the joy, the excitement; and to the 'quiet' group for conveying the feeling of caring, of love, and of endurance."

"I could sense the depth within the simplicity. Your messages "Here I am", "You are already alright", "What's it like?", "Move and include" were humongous in their implications. I can imagine that a "lifetime's work" is in them... I am humbled by it all."

"What made it so strong was the fact that it felt like a "sesshin" (bouddhist retreat). Sesshin is best translated as "being, becoming intimate to yourself" and this in every possible way (thoughts, emotions, perceptions, memories......) and without judgement. You turn inside without loosing contact with everyone, everything outside. A teacher makes possible this kind of awareness."

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