Bret Hall


Bret K. Hall woont in Oxford, Michigan, waar hij sinds 189 bij Carol Yamasaki studeert. Hij neemt deel aan tal van jaarlijks terugkerende workshops begeleid door een aantal van Professor Cheng’s meest ervaren studenten, waaronder Benjamin Pang Jeng Lo, Ed Young, en Maggie Newman. Wat het meeste invloed gehad heeft op zijn ontwikkeling is zijn studie bij Mr. Liu Hsi-heng in Taiwan.  Bret geeft al jaren les in de omgeving van Detroit en gaf in januari 2018 voor het eerst les in Engeland en Nederland.

“Training form and push hands with Bret is a fresh and unique experience - like traveling on the yin/yang symbol, where the practices and principles of each side are apparently different, but are inseparably conjoined.  Front/back, external/internal, sinking down/floating upward, body/mind and energy, all merge and become the Whole.  Bret’s rare push hands ability deeply informs his form teaching.  He brings a unique perspective and new practices to a sound traditional foundation.” - CAY

“Practicing the form can be a journey of self-discovery with an opportunity to free oneself through increasing self- awareness.  Push hands helps to expand this awareness beyond oneself.” - BKH

“My own experience of Bret’s approach to push hands and the form is a profound and functional non-doing. He is very adept at helping you to open and allow your partner’s force to move through you and return to its source. Practicing like this, we become aware of subtle obstacles that we put in our own way.  We discover lessons not just for push hands but also for life.”  R.E. (Redmond Entwistle hosted Bret’s  workshops in England and the Netherlands)

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