East West Centre organizes courses ranging from shamanism, movement medicine and open floor to reiki, massage, emotional freedom technique, a course in miracles, Alexander technique, and more. Feeling healthy, whole and connected is what our courses are about.

COVID-19 info for workshops

Due to Covid-19 measures we can only offer online courses for now. Current restrictions apply at least until 1st April.

Mission & Vision

What we represent

East West Centre wants to contribute to health and resilience in people and nature : healthy people in a healthy world. Working from a holistic perspective we inspire and connect people through courses about natural health and sustainable living.

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Tips for strengthening your immune system

Tips from Irene Nolte Here is a list of things that can support your immunity. It goes without saying that...

Boost your immune system; it's your best defense

The best protection that you have against any illness is your body’s own defense system. The human immune system has...

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I love to work. It’s so much fun to have a project, and there’s nothing like the feeling of accomplishment...

Men, Rhythm and Movement

Rhythm is our greatest ally in the search for empowerment and balance in a fast-changing world. In this article, Ya'Acov...

A practical view on Karma

Karma - or the belief that the universe is organized according to cause and effect - is the kind of...

In every intimate relationship, both people are meant to win

Recently, I was in Europe to conduct a series of workshops, including a program on intimate relationships. The group was...

Medicinal and immune-enchancing foods and beverages

by Toby Monte Very Simple Miso Soup 4-5 cups water 1 cup of onion, sliced thin in half moons 1...

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