Luc De Cuyper


Luc trained with Gabrielle Roth to teach the 5 Rhythms in 2005 and to teach Heartbeat in 2008. By inviting Susannah and Ya'Acov Darling Khan in 1993, he brought the 5 rhythms work to Belgium. Since then he has organized lots of international 5 rhythms workshops with Alain Allard, Kathy Altman, Tammy Burstein, Jonathan Horan, Andrea Juhan, Sue Rickards and Gabrielle Roth.

Luc's background is in photography and journalism, he was a facilitator for outdoor programmes and hiking tours, and a teacher in the East West Center's training for shiatsu professionals. He has studied natural lifestyles and healing methods for more than 25 years and has completed a 3 year training programme for professional healers led by Tom Monte.

Luc is the director of the Belgian East West Centre and the coordinator of La Ferme du Bois-le-Comte, an ecological guesthouse and residential group center in the South of Belgium. He lives there with his wife, 4 and sometimes all 6 of his children, and 6 horses in the middle of beautiful nature.


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