Deborah Jeanne Weitzman


Deborah Jeanne Weitzman is a certified Alexander Technique* practitioner and has worked internationally as a singer-songwriter and teacher of Voice, Theatre and Movement since 1988. She includes her experience and love of Yoga and Dance in her workshops. For her, the integration of movement is vital in freeing the breath, the voice and blocked tensions within us. She leads her groups into wild, ecstatic moving and sounding, and also into deep stillness and relaxation. She specializes in helping people overcome stage fright and debilitating perfectionism, to discover their joy and spontaneity. Her book: Pandora Learns to Sing is available on Amazon.

*F.M. Alexander* (1869-1955) demonstrated that the difficulties many people experience in learning, in performance and in physical functioning are caused by unconscious habits, often based in the fear of not being good enough. This Technique enhances self-confidence and helps remove aspects of performance anxiety. It is a marvelous tool, not only for the arts but for general well-being and health.

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