David Mooney


David is a multi faceted teacher of Movement Medicine. His commitment to every member of his workshops is outstanding!!" - Pat Burnicardi, Psychotherapist

David has engaged in a 10 year ongoing, in depth study and relationship with the School of Movement Medicine and Ya'Acov and Susannah Darling Khan, 4 years of which were spent in an intensive apprenticeship and teacher training. He is now a fully qualified teacher with the School of Movement Medicine. He continues to be informed and inspired by this work. Also a fully qualified and practicing psychotherapist, David, integrates his experience and skills as a therapist into his work as a Movement Medicine Teacher.

He has been dancing various forms of ecstatic dance and movement meditation for the past 12 years as an exploration of what it means to be alive, as a way to transform patterns and wounds into opportunities for growth, healing and offering and as a gateway to connect with spirit and the mystery of life. Facilitating this dance practice for others offers him one of his deepest fulfillments in life. He has a strong connection with earth based healing modalities including shamanism and deep ecology, these passions together with the healing force of music, the intelligence and wisdom of the heart and the power and potential of community and relationship deeply inform his work. 

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