Kat Forrester


Kat Forrester is an authorised Movement Medicine teacher. She has studied with Susannah and Ya∆Acov Darling Khan since 1999. In 2016-2017 she completed advanced training in the School of Movement Medicine for working with the Heart and Rituals. In 2019 she completed a training for working with the 9 Life Cycles. She combines movement practice with long years of study in oriental healing arts. She is known for her clarity, simplicity and humour. Kat is a member of the Movement Medicine Association, which provides a list of Movement Medicine teachers & facilitators around the world. Her work counts as prerequisites for the Apprenticeship Programme and Professional Training with the School of Movement Medicine. In summer 2018 Kat moved from Switzerland to Italy with her husband. 

Kat was a founding member of the Macrobiotic Study Centre in Kiental, Switzerland 1985, where she initiated the International Shiatsu School with Saul Goodman, directed the cooking school for many years, and co-authored with Marlise Binetti the cookbook: "Yin & Yang and the art of Natural Living."

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