Andrea Michielan


I offer workshops to awaken awareness, to know the body, to know and empty the mind and to know our emotional world.

I am specialised in human skills, by which I share knowledge and a very effective methodology to improve relationships, and improve quality of life. I want to share knowledge and very effective techniques that specifically serve to improve people's lives.

I am 33 years old.
I am a physiotherapist and a yoga teacher (Yoga Alliance certification obtained in India). Also, I have deepened my knowledge (with two master) in two very important areas with very effective techniques: I am a Circular Breathing teacher and a Human Skills teacher.

The knowledges I received and their effectiveness improve concretely people's lives quality. They are so great that I feel it is the most important thing to share to allow others to make concrete steps towards a deep and real improvement of life: physical, mental, emotional, energetic, relational and more.

Discovering our answers, being aware and sure of our direction in life is important at any age, especially for young people, so that they can start to build everything on very solid and authentic foundations. What I share raises, in an important way, the level of vital energy, the purity of the body and mind, the clarity of the person and the motivation to take steps to realise our purposes.

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Circular Breathing

Circular is a simple and very specific breathing technique to expand and increase the individual's awareness. Before rolling out the innumerable benefits, it is useful to clarify what we mean by awareness. The meaning of this word indicates being conscious, being aware of something. Being aware of these lines we are reading, being aware of our feet, we are aware of our feet. There are two nuances. The first is being aware of oneself: to know ourselves for real, to know what our existential ends are, our qualities, our excellences, the values on which we base our lives, to know...

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