Alexander Gershberg


Alexander Gershberg (1984) is a chef, cooking teacher and cookbook author. Since 2011 his mission is to inspire the world to eat more healthy and for healthy food to be more sexy. His first cookbook "Vegan for Friends" was published in Dutch in May 2017. His second cookbook "Energy" was published in November 2019 and won the prize for the best vegan cookbook of the year.

Alexander was born in Russia, raised in Israel and since 2006 he is based in Amsterdam. Alexander has developed a unique cooking style inspired by the cultures he is coming from and a healthy approach to cooking and nutrition. His dishes are colorful, original, dynamic and very varied in his use of different flavors, ingredients and cooking techniques. The result is always intriguing, surprising, "feel good" nourishing and very delicious. The ingredients Alexander uses are 100% vegan and organic, using locally grown vegetables and whole foods rather then refined, processed and commercial foods. Alexander believes that by eating like this, people will be happier, healthier and live in harmony with other people and their environment.

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