Booking conditions

Booking conditions

Please book via the website. 
After registering you will receive a confirmation of your booking with all further information, including payment.

You get a discount when you pay early; more information below.
In case you paid shortly before the start of the workshop, please bring with you an evidence of your payment. If you have not paid yet or have not brought an evidence, we will ask you to pay in cash at the start of the course.

If you register as a private person paying the standard course fee, we can only give you an invoice in your own name and address. For an invoice sent by e-mail there are no extra costs. If you need a printed invoice sent by post we will charge you € 15 for this. 
If you want to get an invoice in the name of a company, we will charge you € 15. We also welcome any additional contribution from your company; whatever the amount, it makes a difference, enabling us to offer discounts to lower incomes. 

• Other discounts than the early payment discount apply when your payment is received at least ten days before the start of the workshop.
• The discounts below apply unless the information on a specific programme says something else.
• We give the following discounts for early payments:
- 10% on ongoing trainings (several modules spread over several months) when we receive your payment at least 3 months before the start of the training 
- 5% on other programmes when we receive your payment at least 1* month before the start of the programme (*2 months for programmes in Orval, 3 months for programmes with international teachers)
These are strict deadlines; please take into account that it may take several days until we receive your payment and that weekends and bank holidays delay your transfer.
• Students and people on unemployment or incapacity benefit get a 5% discount on the programmes in Orval, the ongoing trainings and the programmes with international teachers. They get a 10% discount on the other programmes.
• People younger than 26 get a 25% discount on the programmes in Orval and a 50% discount on the other programmes.

Cancellation terms apply from the moment you register, regardless of when you pay. Not paying the course fee never counts as a cancellation.
• When a course is cancelled by the East West Centre we refund the entire course fee paid. The East West Centre disclaims any responsibility for other costs.
• If you decide to cancel a programme, you will have to send us a written notice (e-mail, fax or letter).
• The following cancellation costs apply: when you cancel at least 2 months before the start of the programme: € 15; when you cancel between 2 months and 2 weeks before the start: 20% of the course fee; when you cancel between 2 weeks and 2 working days before the start: 50% of the course fee; when you cancel later or when you do not show up you will owe us the entire course fee. 
• When you find someone to replace you, you only pay € 15 as a contribution to the administration costs (€ 5 for short programmes in Antwerp or Leuven with a Belgian or Dutch teacher). The person who will be replacing you must be known to us and approved by us before the start of the programme and it is not possible to have yourself replaced in the 2nd, 3rd or next year of a training.

Residential workshops
The prices mentioned for the workshops in Orval are based on accommodation in a four bedroom. Single and double rooms cost € 26 per night extra and have to be booked in advance. Sheets are not included in the price but can be hired at € 10 (you can also bring your own sheets of course).

We sometimes use photos from workshop sessions (or breaks) in our communication (e.g. website, facebook). Please inform us before the start of the workshop if you object to us publishing photos on which you can be recognized .

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