Workshops & stay in Orval

Workshops & stay in Orval

All workshops in Orval are including full-board accommodation. We hope that the following information will help to make your stay pleasant and comfortable.

La Ferme du Bois-le-Comte
La Ferme du Bois-le-Comte is a century-old farm that was acquired by the East West Centre of Belgium in 1996 with the intention to maintain and develop the beauty and the power of this place. Since then many people have helped to renovate the farm and transform it into a unique residential centre, with respect for its authenticity.

At La Ferme du Bois-le-Comte, we would like to offer people a place where they can become re-energized and begin to rediscover their own, personal centre, by themselves and with other people. One of our objectives in the farm is to link heaven (spirituality/energetic principles) and earth (material/ecological lifestyle) in our daily lives and also invite others to come and join us. We find this connection between heaven and earth in a macrobiotic way of life (macrobiotics means to us: the art of living a great life, in harmony with ourselves, the earth and the cosmos). A balanced and natural kitchen is of great help to us to create a free and happy life.

We receive people throughout the whole year; East West Centre students, other groups, individual guests, companies, schools and leading teachers from around the world...

You can find detailed information on the Orval page of this website.

Meals & drinks
The kitchen is taken care of by professional cooks. They prepare refined, tasty, appealing and varied meals with fresh and 100% organic ingredients. The energetic quality of the food is taken into account as well. We use natural, unrefined sugars and we do not use animal products in our meals. Dairy food such as milk and yoghurt are available at breakfast. We take care of special dietary requirements if realistic and agreed beforehand.
Water, bancha tea, herb tea and cereal coffee are available throughout the day and included in the price. We serve real organic coffee at breakfast on demand and if it fits within the workshop context. You can enjoy biscuits with your tea during the morning and afternoon breaks. Frothy Orval beer as well as other, organic drinks and snacks are for sale. It is not allowed to bring your own drinks.

Standard accommodation includes three to four person bedrooms, most of them with bunk beds. We also have some nice single and two person bedrooms (most of them with two separate beds which can easily be put against each other). They cost an extra 25 euros per night and per room and have to be booked in advance. You can only book a two person bedroom for two persons (there has to be a second person who wants to share it with you, eg your partner or a friend).
Please bring your own towels, pillowcase, sheets and sleeping bag or duvet. (Pillowcase and sheet must be used.) Alternatively you can obtain a set from the house at the expense of 10 euros. There are blankets in the rooms.

Clean in and out
Forest soil smells great but also creates a lot of dirt in the house. Please do not enter the rooms and the working halls with your outdoor shoes on. There is a shoe rack near the main entrance where you can leave your outdoor gear and change it for your indoor pair.

Ecological products
All the water we use flows from a natural spring. There is a purification installation to clean the dirty water after use. We also farm organically. These are some of the reasons why we only use natural detergents. We invite you to take into account the natural cycle and if possible use biodegradable soaps and shampoos.

Bar consumption and other extras can be paid in cash in euros. Payment by paycards or creditcards is not possible. The nearest cash dispenser is in Florenville, a small town at 12 km from Bois-le-Comte.

We avoid disposable packing and we separate waste.

Unfortunately, we do not accommodate pets.
We have ponyes, horses and cats. (The cats are not allowed inside the residence.)

Mobile phones do not always work here (though if you walk up the hill they usually do).
We would like to keep this place as much as possible mobile and radiation free, especially the courtyard and other common areas and the bedrooms at night; so please use your mobile phone only if really necessary and please turn it off at least at night and during workshop sessions.
You can also use the telephone at the office.
If you give our telephone number to someone else, please ask them to use it only if they really need to reach you; when we are at the office (ie Monday - Friday 9.30 - 11.30 am) you will be in the course, and at other times noone will answer the phone.
If for some reason people from outside should be able to reach you at any moment please contact us before so that we can make arrangements.

Recreation in the Area
The area has many opportunities for recreational activities. Guides and tourist information are available. You can use walking maps and topographic maps from the office against a deposit of 10 euros.
The house also has facilities for overnight guests. If you need a day out, some nature and fresh air, energy and inspiration, or if you would like to come a bit earlier before or stay later after your course... you are wellcome. Please check the website for information and pricing (

Travel information
For environmental reasons, we suggest travelling by train if possible. Yes, it takes longer but that does mean that you get an enforced integration time. The train also is a good place to write and much less tiring and stressful than travelling by plane. There is an excellent website where you can find details of travel by train throughout Europe. Check

The cheapest way to travel by train in Belgium is by buying a rail pass.
Public transport from Florenville station to us is limited (there are a few buses) but you can ask a participant who is travelling by car to pick you up at the station, or take a taxi.

If you have to travel by plane, we suggest that you go to (for UK people) or , reputable companies who will plant trees in well-managed forestry projects. The sites enable you to put in your flight details and it will tell you how many trees you need to plant to offset your flight. They then plant the trees for you and charge a very reasonable amount. Consider it a 'green tax'.

If you are travelling by car, please do your best to share travel with other participants. You can call or mail us shortly before the start of the workshop for an address list.

For a detailed travel description see 'itineraries' on this website.

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