Teachers & team

Teachers & team


East West Centre chooses to work with teacher who enter into a long-term commitment and integrate our vision into their teachings and their personal lives. Some teachers have worked with us since the very start (1978) and many others have for over 10 years.

List of all teachers

List of international teachers (teaching in English)


  • Luc De Cuyper

           Overall coordination and direction
           (employed since 1991, volunteer & free lancer since 1980)

  • Lieve Debert

           Coordination East West Centre Orval
           (employed since 1991)

  • Hilde Van Roy

           Coordination East West Centre Antwerp
           (employed since 2010)

  • Kathleen Dom

           Project assistant
           (employed since 2011) 

New teachers

East West Centre aims for long-term relationships and prefers to collaborate with teachers who do not organize courses on their own in Belgium. 
If you would like to teach at East West Centre, we ask you to first answer the questions below and mail your answers to luc@owc.be:

  • Why do you want to teach for East West Centre?
  • What is your image of East West Centre?
  • Are you familiar with our vision? If yes, in what ways?
  • How do you translate an energetic or macrobiotic view on a concrete level in your everyday life?
  • How does your work fit into holistic health education and our vision on it?
  • How is your work complementary to the programmes already organized by East West Centre?
  • What is your teaching experience?
  • Where and with whom did you train / study?
  • What is your concrete offer?
  • What are your financial expectations? Which participants fee do you have in mind?
OWC - Teachers & team