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Conscious evolution (training)

Living in Alignment with the Better You. Multi-Module Ongoing Program. How do we grow and evolve?  How do we become our better selves? Few questions are more pressing for each of us as individuals, and for all of us collectively.    

Healing burn-out, hypersensitivity and (chronic) fatigue

Coming back to life Life can be unpredictable. At times it can push you to your limits, or well over them. Perhaps your job has taken everything out of you. Perhaps you experienced a shock. Perhaps you were overburdened by a family situation, or a sudden health crisis. Ofte...


In the age of covid, disappointment and depression are rampant.  They are driving up the rates of violence, paranoia, and suicide.  After being locked up for so long -- as a result of the worldwide covid shutdown -- people are afraid of their neighbors, people on the street, a...

Move to Feel

Listening to your body & shaking off stress with Emotional Bodywork.  Do you recognize that nagging feeling that something’s not right, but you don’t know what and you’d just like to get away from it? Are you stressed? Do you s...
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