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A Course in Miracles

Frank and Kathy have been studying A Course in Miracles since 1990 and the very first time Frank offered a workshop in Orval (in 2000)  was an in-depth approach of this spiritual masterpiece which contains many new insights on the level of  relating to oneself and to one another. As a book the Co...

Healing burn-out, hypersensitivity and (chronic) fatigue

Coming back to life Life can be unpredictable. At times it can push you to your limits, or well over them. Perhaps your job has taken everything out of you. Perhaps you experienced a shock. Perhaps you were overburdened by a family situation, or a sudden health crisis. Ofte...

Reiki self-treatment - online

Enjoy a soothing Reiki self-treatment with a focus of replacing all fear with love.The idea is to give yourself a sense of peace and support and a boost to your immune system.  New to Reiki? Welcome. Very simple to do.Will take about 45 minutes.
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