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OWC - Frank & Kathy Coppieters

Frank & Kathy Coppieters

Frank & Kathy Coppieters (Portland, Oregon (U.S.))


Frank and Kathy met each other in 1984 on an ecological farm in an Osho commune. They studied with a whole number of other spiritual giants and give workshops internationally. As Reiki Masters they always provide an element of healing in their groups. They both work from the heart, have a good sense of humor and provide a safe atmosphere of non-judgment. Besides their own experiences they draw from the work of many others, including John Gottman, Eckhart Tolle, John Welwood, A Course in Miracles, and many of the teachers of nonduality (Jean Klein, Francis Lucille).

Frank is a spiritual teacher, shaman and energetic healer. He was trained by various shamans and spiritual teachers and started to teach internationally since 1988.

Kathy is a therapist with a cognitive and intuitive approach and takes care of energetic and psychological support during the transformation processes that take place.

Frank is the author of 'Handbook for the Evolving Heart' and two CD's (available through this website).

He is a teacher with the East West Center since 1996 and Kathy has joined him since several years now to our delight and that of many others.


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