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OWC - Open Floor Encounter

Open Floor Encounter

Open Floor Encounter

Open Floor Encounter is a structured group process that is rooted in elements of movement therapy, psychodrama, gestalt awareness practice, mindfulness and body-centered psychotherapy. The essential practice is to be mindful of the body, sensations, emotions and thoughts - moment by moment - and make what is inside of us, physically visible: to bring unconscious patterns into consciousness. Where can we become more clear and less automatic; where can we renegotiate, reconsider options and create new options, where none existed before? How can we integrate new possibilities into our daily live?

We come to understand the interdependence of being human. We do not exist in this universe alone; we are all in this together. We constantly effect each other. Our actions have impact on others; other’s actions effect us. Within a safe inclusive atmosphere, where we can feel supported and welcomed, we can be challenged to risk moving beyond our habitual patterns. This carefully structured process is embedded in grounded movement practice, which supports participants to connect with and express what emerges in the process.

What to expect?
The workshop is primarily experiential, combining dance, sessions in the unique Open Floor Encounter structure, short lectures, demonstrations and movement exercises.

Who is the workshop for?
Open to dancers with experience in some kind of conscious movement and who have an interest in exploring human experience and development.

The workshop will be in English.

OWC - Program Detail