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OWC - Already Alright

Already Alright

Already Alright

Already Alright is a summer retreat and gathering.  This week is both personal for each of us, and supported by our coming together.  We dance deeply and in doing so create space to be curious, relaxed, excited and surprised by what is actually ready to emerge and be included. Feeling broken or scared, worthless or worthy, excited or lost or hopelessly happy ‚– what if it can all be welcomed, danced and explored?  What if we don't need to know in advance what we need or what might happen? This simple yet radical view can change everything.

Connected to ourselves and each other, we can find ourselves uninterested in thinking there is something wrong with us.  We change channels. We can stop fighting the underlying fear that we are not truly ok and so relax and become available to delight and spaciousness. Freedom and freshness come through us, sometimes when we least expect it. 

Each year we build confidence in what's ready to emerge. Fresh each year, and as a result of all our years of dancing together, this Annual Retreat and Gathering helps us to keep remembering the value of our unique contributions, our curiousity and our Alrightness.

Newcomers very very welcome, and Oldtimers as welcome as ever.

Assistance: Frie Lavelli

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"... to say how grateful I am for having had the opportunity to follow your group at Bois-le-Comte  at a unique place which is only one hour from my home without me knowing it before. The course, the place, the surroundings and last but not least the kitchen and its staff were all one allowing me to be one with the amazing group. I remember well Sue's  explanation on the leaves you open one by one and you never know where you go and what comes next, joy anger, sadness, disappointment, hope, inner feelings changing from one to the other - and much more which is not yet discovered … tremendously exciting and exhausting work. Back to my day to day my stay in the ferme is still omni present and I enjoy that. We will definitively meet again." - Pierre from Luxembourg

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