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OWC - Shamanic training

Shamanic training

Shamanic training

In each cycle of the intensive participants receive specific guidance and instruction in their shamanic development (talents, abilities, skill and confidence building).

Shamanism worldwide is having a tremendous renaissance and adaptation to people's contemporary needs. The transformative power of the shamanic ritual, the absorbing of the primordial energy of the elements, the intuitive and energetic appraisal of a life situation, the natural trance induction through drumming and chanting. All these elements strike a deep chord in people willing to open their hearts and minds to the unknown.
Our focus is on shamanism as a full flow of life energy and a universal path of wisdom.


Constant aspects
The shamanic journey and/or "shamanisation" is the core of the practice. In addition we do healing, chanting, drumming and authentic ritual.

Variable aspects

  • The common ground between the shamanic and therapeutic approach.
  • What is right action based on silence?
  • How to nourish ourselves through the male and female polarity.
  • The witnessing of and stepping through fears.
  • The conscious encouragement of the dying process of the ego.
  • Making contact with the vibrational frequencies of power animals, angels, trees and plants, spiritual guides and ancestral energy.

To allow for an opening in consciousness and deeper ways of connecting which benefit one's spiritual development, one's optimal functioning in the world and ecological commitment to the planet.


First module

  1. Advice/invitations/suggestions as to how to walk the shamanic path.
  2. Look into the different aspects of the shaman and which are the aspects connected to each of the participants in the training.
  3. Building of trust around one gift or capability in particular.
  4. Shamanic vocalizing.
  5. Healing modalities.
  6. Disentangling the ego structure from the ?real me?.
  7. Exploring of consciousness beyond human: nature (trees/plants), power animals, cosmos, outside the cosmos.
  8. Unity consciousness.
  9. Learning how to ground oneself.
  10. Carl Jung and contemporary shamanism.
  11. Interface between the shamanic and therapeutic approach (including transpersonal psychology).

Second module

  1. Shamanic perception in nature.
  2. The angelic frequency field.
  3. The "aloneness" of the shaman.
  4. Developing of authentic rituals (e.g. a death ritual), individual and group rituals.
  5. The importance of the shadow.
  6. Contacting of specific guides.
  7. Symbols.
  8. Time, space and synchronicity.

Third module

  1. Fear.
  2. Accompanying of the dying.
  3. Soul retrieval (part 1)
  4. Feelings and their connections with thoughts and physical anchor points.
  5. Real and false empathy.
  6. Leading a shamanic journey oneself (only for those ready to do so).
  7. The medicine wheel.
  8. Ancestral energy.
  9. Enneagram (part 1).

Fourth module

  1. Initiation.
  2. Integration.
  3. Working optimally within society in a supportive or serving function towards people in one?s environment.
  4. Ecological commitment to the planet.
  5. Enneagram (part two).

Planned courses

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