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OWC - Resilience - 5Rhythms Elective & Somatic Experiencing

Resilience - 5Rhythms Elective & Somatic Experiencing

Resilience - 5Rhythms Elective & Somatic Experiencing

Workshop description:


This workshop brings together two professional methods. 5Rhythms® for dance and movement through and with our feelings. Somatic Experiencing® to recognize and process personal trauma. Even though this workshop is a group process, there is still the possibility of being personal in small groups. We articulate our blockages and bring movement and expression in a dosed manner. Have you always wanted to use dance more therapeutically? Then this might be your workshop.

This workshop is suitable for anyone who wants to work at a deeper and more personal level related to personal trauma. You do not need experience in 5Rhythms or Somatic Experiencing. This is an elective workshop in the 5Rhythms path to become a teacher. It is not necessary to become a teacher for participation.

About 5Rhythms:

5Rhythms is a movement and meditation practice that incorporates many of our life experiences redefined to the simplicity of five different ways of moving and dancing. The 5Rhythms are flowing, staccato, chaos, lyrical and stillness.

About Somatic Experiencing:

Somatic Experiencing® (SE) is founded by Dr. Peter A. Levine and is a science-based approach to physical and psychological symptoms of stress, shock and trauma. It works with the body’s natural self-regulating systems. We practice to become aware of physical sensations and emotions in a safe way. We learn to regulate ourselves so a vital, relaxed and healthy person can reappear.

About Ron Hagendoorn:

Ron has been dancing for over 23 years, including 20 years of 5Rhythms® practice. His commitment to 5Rhythms grows as he discovers the full scope of this movement meditation. 5Rhythms has space for shadow and light, which makes it the most comprehensive dance form he came across. Ron was trained by Gabrielle Roth (Waves® in 2007) and Jonathan Horan (Heartbeat® in 2018). His teaching style is clear and balanced, with an appreciation of the mystery of human life. Apart from being an accredited 5Rhythms teacher Ron is also a licensed therapist (Somatic Experiencing®). He is a member of the 5Rhythms Teachers’ Association, lives in the Netherlands and teaches internationally in the Waves, Heartbeat and Elective level of this practice.


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