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OWC - Masterclass shamanic transmission

Masterclass shamanic transmission

Masterclass shamanic transmission

Around the Summer Solstice we are happy to be in Orval to rejuvenate ourselves in a shamanic way. The power field we create together is brimming with love, transformation and inspiration. This gathering is meant in the first place for those who have taken one or more years of the shamanic trainings of Frank & Kathy so that we can start immediately at a master level. For those who took something shorter and would like to join us, please contact us and we will seriously consider your request.

We are happy that Greet Mermans has agreed to guide a sweat lodge or "earth lodge" for our group.

We know from experience that deep processes of healing will take place. There is space for that. At the same time we start and finish celebrating life for what it is always offering us. We provide an atmosphere which is pure, sacred and safe. We shamanize for the earth, for ourselves and for all beings. You are most welcome. Greetings from the heart.

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