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OWC - How to heal

How to heal

How to heal

How to better understand ourselves and others? How can I make sense of my feelings and emotions, as well as symptoms in my body? How can I integrate my past into the present, so that it has meaning and can give strength the path I am on?

In this course, you are invited on a journey through different healing approaches. It is ideal if you are on a self-healing path and want to take a big step into understanding yourself better and make sense of things. This course is also ideally suited for everyone working as a healer, counsellor, therapist and who wants to learn additional tools in understanding your clients and patients better. These tools offer direct insight into the inner word of the person you are working with (including yourself). They open doors and help you communicate in a deeper more anchored way, so that you can give your clients practical advice on their healing path.

This course will cover:

An introduction to Eastern holistic health based on the Five Transformations
The Five Elements are an invaluable tool in understanding emotional and physical symptoms, as a guide to understanding the source of illness and how to heal it. By linking the two, it creates one of the greatest maps for health and healing that was ever devised. You will receive health, lifestyle and dietary recommendations in how to heal exhaustion, fear and symptoms such as chronic fatigue, burnout, but also migraine and digestive problems. The Five Elements take all emotions into account: Sadness (and joy), anger, fear, worry. You will be shown how to understand and support your inner world and that of others.

Facial indications
As part of an introduction to Eastern healing approaches, you will be introduced into the art of reading facial traits and colorations. By being able to read indications in the face of which organs might be in distress, you will have an invaluable guide to understanding yourself and others better. Linking this awareness, to the information received in the lifestyle and dietary recommendations of the Five Transformations, will give you important resources and a strong foundation to work with- no matter whether you work as a massage, EFT or other therapist, or indeed would like this information for yourself.

The Five Defenses by Wilhelm Reich and Tom Monte
You will also be able to utilize Wilhelm Reich∆s Five Defenses, a guide to better understand yourself, what emotional and psychological defences you use to feel safe in life. Understanding these can also help in the communication with your partner, colleagues and other important people in your life, such as your clients in case you work as a therapist or other contact related professions. In this course,  we use a version that has been elaborated by Tom Monte.

This course offers invaluable clear foundations for health and healing, as well as a practical healing tool kit, that can be used in any walk of life. If you are seeking to deepen your healing practice, to better understand others and yourself, if you want to take an important step in being able to help others, this course is for you. 

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