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OWC - Evolutionary consciousness

Evolutionary consciousness

Evolutionary consciousness

It is very unlikely that the human species, as we know it today, would be the end point of evolution on our planet. There is a new consciousness that is trying to break through and there are many indications for this. In this workshop we make contact with these "future" forms as they manifest now already in other, parallel dimensions.

We ourselves step through the gate via meditation, shamanisation, information (Aurobindo, The Mother, Teilhard de Chardin, Eckhart Tolle) and refined energetic healing work (the lightbeings, the angels, the Pleiades).

We tune in to what the earth needs at this time and we allow ourselves to be fed by a vision that brings the light consciousness closer.

"The miracle of this creation, as far as the earthly individuality is concerned, is that one can realize that complete identification with the absolute, with the One, and at the same time keep the consciousness of one's own particular nature, of one's own law which one has to express. That is the truth of this universe. The universe is created for nothing else but to unite these two poles, the two extremes of consciousness. When they are united one sees that these two opposites are one and the same – a totality that is one and manifold at the same time." (The Mother)

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