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We offer some really special products linked to the courses of the East West Centre. 

MIWAH: wellness essence: 
A great perfume, 100% natural!
Feminine liquid smudge with sweet grass extract and citrus scents, attracts beneficial energies, favourable circumstances, clarity and harmony.

Miwah 15 ml : € 23
Miwah 29 ml : € 33

CHIIYAAM: native american liquid smudge (spray)
We also love Blue Eagles Invocation (liquid smudge)! Do try it and you will come back for more! It is a high quality product, a 100% natural blend of 14 essential oils and plant extracts from the 5 continents (maïs, thuya, sweetgrass, sage, lavender, mandarine, juniper, sandelwood, rose, tobacco, incense, and a few others). It can be used the same way as dry smudge to clear spaces, objects, persons and energies. It supports relaxation, rest, concentration, healing and meditation. And it smells great!

Chiiyaam 15 ml : € 23
Chiiyaam 29 ml : € 39
Chiiyaam 120 ml : € 129
Chiiyaam 100 ml (for refilling) : € 92

CD Aigle Bleu sur la guitare : € 19
CD Chants dans la tradition amérindienne : € 19
CD Mystères : € 19

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