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Privacy policy

Privacy statement

Oost West Centrum vzw (Van Schoonbekestraat 148, 2018 Antwerpen; 03 230 13 82, adheres in all cases to the applicable legislation and regulations, including the General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation EU 2016/679).

In this privacy statement we want to give clear and transparent information about which data we collect and how we deal with personal data. We do everything we can to guarantee your privacy and therefore handle personal data carefully.

If, after reading this privacy statement or in a more general sense, you have any questions and want to contact us about this, you can do this using the information below:
Oost West Centrum vzw
Van Schoonbekestraat 148
2018 Antwerpen
03 230 13 082

To whom is this privacy statement addressed?
This privacy statement applies to all our current and past participants of activities, prospects, people who show or showed interest in our activities, services or products, and suppliers.

Which personal data do we process, and with what purpose?
Your personal data is processed by Oost West Centrum vzw for a couple of reasons:
·       Course administration and services to course participants;
·       To be able to participate in activities of Oost West Centrum vzw;
·       Informing about activities, e-newsletters, invitations and announcements (legitimate interest);
·       The acquisition of subsidization by the government (legal obligation).

Whenever the processing is based on consent, you always have the right to withdraw your given permission.
For the above objectives, we can ask and/or use the following data:
·       Personal data: first name, last name, gender, address, postal code, city;
·       Contact information: e-mail address and phone/cell phone number;
·       Permission to receive e-newsletters;
·       Birth date (in function of discounts);
·       Registration date;
·       Presence;
·       Attendance at courses;
·       Memberships (in function of discounts);
·       Membership of associations (only in some particular cases);
·       Education and training;
·       Financial details (in function of discounts / KMO-portefeuille);
·       Non-specific images;
·       Specific images;
·       Mental and physical data: medical information (only when this is essential for the course participant himself);
·       Diets (for courses and activities including meals)

It may occur that, after registration, we ask extra information in function of potential discounts (e.g. discounts for students, …). For a residential course we can ask participants for medical information that is necessary to guarantee the health and safety of the participant, as well as diet information that we should take into account.

We only collect personal data that you give to us in different ways (e.g. registration forms and contact forms on our website, personal contact, or contact through telephone or e-mail…). We limit ourselves to using information that enables us to guarantee a good service and information that is required by the subsidizing government (e.g. postal code, to demonstrate that participants come from different parts of Flanders), since we are officially recognized as a national training institution since 2015.

We do not collect personal data via third parties, with the exception of some organisations we collaborate with. In this last case, we always notify this (see below for conditions for collaborations).

Oost West Centrum is an organisation in a socio-cultural context which offers courses for adults. Occasionally a minor (-18) registrates for a course. Participation of a minor happens under the strict condition that he/she is accompanied in the course by a parent/guardian. Personal data of minors are used in the same way as of other course participants (see above).

We only use the collected data for the purposes they were intended for. Your data will not be lent, rented, or sold to third parties, but are intended for internal use, except for the exceptions below (“Providing data to third parties – data processors).

The messages you receive from us are in accordance with the option you have chosen (e.g. when registering). You can always change your answers, or unsubscribe yourself through the link under each e-newsletter or announcement. This adjustment will be saved in our customer base, so that we can respect your decision in the future.

Oost West Centrum updates the data in her customer base, by showing course participants the data that they provided us, at the start of a course.

Which data whether or not to provide
To be able to attend courses organized by Oost West Centrum vzw, the above data need to be provided by course participants, with the exception of:
·       Specific and non-specific images (for public relations / social media / website / publications / …);
·       Permission to receive e-newsletters.

If you refuse permission for specific and non-specific images, we will not publish specific or non-specific images of you. If you do not give us permission for receiving e-newsletters, you will not receive unasked e-newsletters with information about courses organized by Oost West Centrum vzw.

Providing data to third parties – data processors
We can provide the data we receive from you to third parties, if this is necessary for the execution of above purposes.
In this context, we use third parties (external services) to:
·       take care of our internet environment (webhosting, mail hosting, …);
·       take care of our IT-infrastructure (IT-network, servers, …);
·       take care of our (financial) administration and social secretariat;
·       take care of our members, course participants and volunteers;
·       take care (and distribute) e-newsletters and invitations.

We never provide data to external service providers (data processors) with whom we did not make a data processing agreement (or the contract conditions state the same provisions).

In data processing agreements with external service providers (data processors), we always make agreements to guarantee the privacy of your personal data.

Providing data to third parties – data receivers (collaborations regarding activities)
We share personal data with the following third parties:
·       Connected organisations (national or international) that are part of the ecosystem of our federation/umbrella (the federation/umbrella itself, as well as other associations that belong to the same federation/umbrella);
·       Partners we organize activities with (there is an exchange of participants lists between Oost West Centrum and one or more partners with whom we develop activities);
·       Regular partners of Oost West Centrum vzw are: The School of Movement Medicine, Open Floor, 5 Rhythms, …
·       Government services (e.g. subsidizing governments, tax administrations, social security authorities, …);
·       External teachers or trainers.

With these parties we make necessary agreements to guarantee the safety of your personal data and to make sure that your data are handled with care. The following data are exchanged: first name, last name, e-mail address and potential medical information that is needed to guarantee the health and safety of the course participant (and diet information for residential courses).

Apart from these, we will not give personal data that was provided by you, to third parties, unless it is required by law.
At no point in time will we sell or rent out personal data to third parties. We also never give your contact details to third parties for commercial purposes.

If you give us explicit (written) permission, we can share your personal data to third parties. This permission will only be valid for the activity that you gave permission for. You have the right to withdraw this permission at all times.
We do not share personal data with parties that are established outside the European Economic Area. 

Oost West Centrum vzw takes the necessary technical and organizational actions to prevent that third parties can abuse personal data. In this context, the following actions are taken:
·       All people that have access to personal data, are obliged to confidentiality;
·       We secure all our systems with a username and password policy;
·       We use a virus scanner which we update systematically, and installed a firewall;
·       We systematically back up personal data, so that we are able to recover these data in case of physical or technical incidents;
·       We test and evaluate our actions regularly and adjust if necessary;
·       Our staff members are informed and educated about the importance of the protection of personal data. They follow a number of clear guidelines and are reminded regularly of their responsibility;
·       Our staff members, teachers and volunteers sign a confidentiality statement by which they are obliged to handle personal data correctly, and only use them in the professional context in which they are obtained for;
·       Our staff members get access to your personal data as far as this information is necessary to carry out their tasks properly;
·       For new projects that possibly impact the privacy of your data, an extended analysis will be done to guarantee your rights, the safety and protection of your personal data.

If, in any case, your data are involved in an infringement, you will personally be contacted. We will do anything we can to undo/neutralize the impact of the infringement.

Storage period
Oost West Centrum vzw does not store personal data longer than necessary for the achievement of the objective they were obtained for, with consideration of the necessary term to comply with legal requirements (e.g. for accounting purposes) and to guarantee an optimal, continuous service. Storage periods can vary between objectives.

Oost West Centrum commits to not storing data longer than 30 years after the last use.

Your rights regarding your data
In accordance with the law on the protection of privacy (December 8th, 1992), you always have the right to access and check your personal data, and ask us to correct them, delete them or add extra information. We reserve the right to determine whether or not your request is justified. Some adjustments/removals we cannot implement, because of legal requirements. If this is the case, we personally contact you about this.

Furthermore, you have the right to object and withdraw in whole or in part the permission to Oost West Centrum to use your personal data. You have the right to limit the use of your data: if you have an objection to the processing of certain data, you can request us to stop this processing.

You can also object the way certain data of you are processed. E.g. you have the right to object to the use of your personal data for direct marketing objectives (through deregistration in e-mails).

Also, you have the right to have your personal data delivered to you, or to a third party designated by you.

Via the e-mail address above, you can contact us to assert your rights, with a motivation for your request. You can also contact us through the contact section of our website:

To prevent abuse, we can ask you to legitimize yourself, before granting your request. We can ask you to identify yourself by adding a copy of your identity card to you request. We recommend you to make your picture invisible for us, and mention that this is a copy.

Automatic data collection
To optimize our services, we use certain automatic data collection systems. How this exactly happens, you can read under ‘cookie policy‘.
None of the above personal data is collected automatically nor is it used for objectives of profiling.

If you have any complaints about the processing of your data or the fulfilment of your rights, we ask you to contact us directly.

You always have the right to file a complaint to the supervisory authority in the field of privacy protection:
Gegevensbeschermingsautoriteit (GBA)
Drukpersstraat 35, 1000 Brussel

Changes in our privacy policy
Oost West Centrum vzw can always modify its privacy and cookie policy. We will always announce modifications on our website. The last modification happened on May 25th 2018.


Cookie policy

Oost West Centrum vzw uses cookies, web beacons and log files for its website management. These technologies do not contain viruses or other harmful applications. Visitors of our website accept the use of these technologies by Oost West Centrum vzw. If you switch off the use of cookies through your browser, we cannot guarantee an optimal website operation.

Below, you can read about how and why we use these technologies.

Which files and technologies do we use?

  • Cookies: small files that are stored to your computer when visiting a website;
  • Web beacons or pixel tags: invisible graphic files in a webpage or e-mail. They provide us information about the surfing behaviour of visitors and allow analyses of the reading and clicking behaviour in e-mails;
  • Log files on our server: collect among others information about the surfing behaviour on our website.

Which cookies are used on the website?

  • Necessary functional cookies allow visitors to use the website in a good way. Without these cookies, certain parts of the website (e.g. navigation) would not function optimally;
  • Performance analysis cookies collect data about the use of the website, e.g. pages visited, the number of visitors, the duration and frequency of visits, … These data are not linked to personal data;
  • Social media cookies are used to enable social media on our website. These cookies are placed and managed by third parties (Facebook, Linked-in, Twitter, mail).
  • More information about the different kinds of cookies can be found on this website:

What do we use cookies for?

  • To make our website more user friendly;
  • To analyse and measure how visitors use our website;
  • To optimize the operation of the website.

How can you manage cookies?

  • Cookies are placed with a storage period (determined by the website), but can be deleted by the visitor at all times;
  • How you do this differs from browser to browser. Consult your helpdesk for this. Deleting and/or refusing cookies can cause non-optimal functioning of the website.
  • More information about managing cookies can be found on this website:

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