La Ferme du Bois-le-Comte is situated in the south-east of Belgium, on the French border. 
Central in Europe, it can be reached in less than 5 hours by train from London, Paris or Amsterdam.


La Ferme du Bois-le-Comte
Bois-le-Comte 1
6823 Villers-devant-Orval

If you want to enter an address into a GPS system or internet: Bois-le-Comte is not in every system, if it is not in yours enter 'rue des Routis Bas' for the street name, Bois-le-Comte is a continuation of it.


You can fly to the airport at Brussels-Zaventem, Luxembourg or Charleroi. Then take the train; there are regular connections, you always have to change in Libramont.

  • Brussels: Brussels-Luxembourg line
  • Luxembourg: Luxembourg-Brussels line
  • Charleroi: Charleroi-Namur line, change in Namur (Namur-Luxembourg line), then in Libramont (Libramont-Virton line).

For details, see below or look at the website of the Belgian railways.


  • If you come by train from Luxembourg, Germany, the Netherlands, the U.K. or the center or the west of France, you take a train to Brussels; see below.
  • If you come from the east of France, the nearest train station is Carignan, although the station of Montmédy offers more possibilities and is not very far either. For details about a taxi, see below.

You can find detailed information at the website of the Belgian railways.
The cheapest way of travelling by train within Belgium may be by buying a rail pass (for sale in Belgian railway stations).


You can go by train up to Florenville (a small town 12 km from Bois-le-Comte). Trains are going from Brussels every two hours; taking the Brussels-Luxembourg line, changing at Libramont to the Libramont-Virton line (immediate connection) and alighting at Florenville.

Departure Brussels North: 07.26 am (then every two hours, until 05.26 pm)
Arrival Libramont: 09.45 am (last connection 07.55 pm) 
Arrival Florenville: 10.45 am (arrival last train 08.45 pm)
On week days there is also a train leaving Brussels at 2h26 pm and arriving in Florenville at 5.51 pm.
Check the hours at the website of the Belgian railways.

The taxi driver retired, there is no taxi anymore in Florenville.

There is a local bus (line 24) from Florenville to Villers-devant-Orval, the bus ride takes about a quarter of an hour. There is no bus on Saturday, Sunday and on holidays.

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
Florenville station: 12.41 pm (in school holidays 12.29), 12.56 pm and 4.05 pm (last bus leaving from the station)
There is another bus at 4.39pm, leaving from the Place du Miroir, platform 2, near the post-office in the middle of Florenville (about 20 minutes' walk from the station). This bus does not go in holidays.

on Wednesdays
Florenville station: 10.54 am, 12.28 pm, 12.56 pm and 4.05 pm

The bus brings you to the centre of the village of Villers-devant-Orval from where you can walk to Bois-le-Comte (about 2 kilometers). When you have the main entry of the church on your right side, take the first street to the left, then go straight ahead (follow the signs 'Bois-le-Comte').

Check the bus hours at the site of the bus company: tec.

A beautiful walk of over 10 km (2,5 hours). 
If you have never walked the way from Chameleux to Bois-le-Comte then the following description may nog be enough for you. You may need a detailed map (for sale at the tourist office near the church in Florenville, you need the map that covers Florenville, Chameleux and Orval). 
Follow the road in front of Florenville station, turn left at the end (= direction Florenville). In the centre, cross the market square obliquely (or first go to the tourist office if you want to buy a map), take the small road next to ‘Chocolats d’Edouard’ and at the post office start following the GR signs (red & white lines). Keep following the GR in Chameleux (passing a café on your right and following the path to the left). At a given moment the road turns to the right and goes up: that's where you quit the GR (which becomes a small path along the water) and take the road up. At the intersection on top of the hill you cross the road and go down again. About 100 m behind a left turn you leave the road and take the path leading straight ahead into the wood.(*) Keep following this path (in the valley). At the end of the path you take the road that goes more or less straight ahead (a little bit to the left). Bois-le-Comte is 150 m further on your right.
(*) If you miss this path, go left at the next intersection and continue this road (it will turn to the right after about 200 m, then another 150 m to Bois-le-Comte).


Coming from Brussels, Liège or Charleroi
Take E411 Brussels-Namur-Luxembourg, exit 26 Neufchâteau. In Neufchâteau follow directions to Florenville. In Florenville at the intersection at the marketplace to the left, then to the right (direction Orval, 8km). At the intersection near the abbey of Orval, turn right to Villers-devant-Orval and follow this road till you enter the village. Please drive slowly! In the left turn leave the main road and continue straight ahead for a few meters, just before the little square turn to the right and go up for about 50 meters (church on your right, café Au cerle on your left), take the first street to the left, always straight ahead using the left lower roads (some 2 km: follow the signs of 'Bois-le-Comte'). At the end of the street is Bois-le-Comte, a large farm on your left.
For GPS: enter rue des routis Bas and continue straight ahead for nearly 2 km.

Coming from Luxembourg
Take direction Virton, then direction Florenville (you do not go as far as Florenville). Turn left at the intersection near the abbey of Orval, direction Villers-devant-Orval. See above.

Coming from other directions
Any other routes can be found at Mappy.


  • Amsterdam: 400 km, 4 h
  • Antwerp: 225 km, 2 h 40
  • Arlon: 45 km, 45 mn
  • Brussels: 175 km, 2 h
  • Charleroi: 170 km, 2 h
  • Florenville: 12 km, 15 mn
  • Frankfurt: 300 km, 3 h 45
  • Liège: 150 km, 2 h
  • Luxembourg: 70 km, 1 h
  • Namur: 120 km, 1 h 40
  • Paris: 280 km, 3 h 15
  • Virton: 20 km, 30 mn

Have a nice journey!

More information and prices on www.boislecomte.be

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