Mission statement

The mission of East West Centre is to deepen the quality of life on a personal, relational and universal level.
To this end East West Centre offers education and information about natural living with a holistic vision, from various perspectives, for a large public, with varying levels of depth, at different places in Belgium, amongst others inspired by macrobiotics.
In doing this East West Centre wants to achieve and deepen the link between spirit and matter both on an individual and a societal level. 

Healthy people in a healthy society • East & West • Macrobiotics • Healing is transformation • Optimum nourishment • Freedom & creativity

A creative reflexion of our vision
 "Our future freedom as a species lies in our own hands. From a pessimistic standpoint the future looks pretty dim: high levels of pollution, overpopulation, global warming, soil erosion, deforestation, and the growing risk of degenerative disease due to overconsumption. Our towns and cities, which developed out of fortified communities designed to protect us from other tribes, have turned their back on nature and virtually imprisoned their inhabitants.

The first step in creating a future for us all lies in embracing, honoring, and appreciating the natural world that we inhabit. How can we connect more strongly with it? Should we all move to the country and downsize our working environment to live in isolated cottages and small communities across the land?

These are pretty unrealistic solutions and there is a much simpler approach. The easiest way to absorb the natural world in which we live is through our  relationship with food. Choosing good quality, natural foods that maintain their integrity - their wholeness - is a start. The natural world provides us with the nutrients to enrich the land from which we draw our food, and the preparation and consumption of this food fuels our blood which in turn supports our nervous system and our consciousness. It is the easiest, yet the most profound path that any of us can take to gain greater clarity, adaptability, and freedom."

Excerpt from Zen and the Art of Cooking, a book by Jon Sandifer (one of our teachers)

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