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Reiki & sustainability: interview with Ben Haggard

Ben Haggard on Reiki and the Sustainability of Life on Planet Earth

How do we actually create the change needed to save the Planet from the crisis of global warming? 
This was the topic presented at the Stockholm Climate Change Conference in 2015.
During the dialogue surrounding the causes and effects of climate change, Ben Haggard, an expert in the creation and sustainability of vital and viable places and projects and a principal of The Regenesis Group, an organization dedicated to the regenerative processes reflected in planetary life, people's and communities, addressed the audience of scientists in this way: 

"It's not that people need more information about what's happening to the planet. Nor do they need to be persuaded that it must be stopped. The research on this has been great. People agree. So why isn't the behavior changing?," said Haggard. 

Behavior change is what we are still after a year later, he notes currently.

"As with AIDS, knowledge is not the issue. It depends on the exercise of will. Carbon Dioxide is invisible, and likewise the collective will to change." Will, he goes on to say, can respond to threat, but it doesn't last. In order for the action of will to be sustainable, it must be based on a future that wants to be. "We need to focus not on the problem, but on the potential. Carbon dioxide is not the only issue we're dealing with here."

Haggard also emphasizes that a one-size-fits all approach of best practices for every situation will not work either. "We must address the potential of place. How do you take information and start over? You start where you are -- in your home, in your neighborhood, in your community. In this you can invest your will, your heart and all your material worth. In a place you can invest selflessly."

Everyone loves the place they inhabit. And the key to the future?

"The key to the future is having everyone touch the earth, coaxing out of it the aliveness, and," he adds, "Reiki is a manifestation of that impulse.

Planet Earth is helped when we work where we are -- loving and caring about our place. This intensifies when Reiki is added to the regenerative mix. Through intention Reiki communities can focus energy to do things. The process of Reiki changes the life. Reiki can create the ability to think systematically and to lead regeneratively."

Perhaps Reiki is asking us to step up and do more. If Reiki is asking us to step into the regeneration and creation of a new earth, what is it we need to do and how? And how do we align ourself with all the planetary traditions to enable all human beings to play the healing role on our planet?

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