Foire aux questions

Foire aux questions

Can anyone participate in any workshop ?
Most courses are open to everyone. If there are prerequisites, they are mentioned under the course description.

Do I have to register in advance ?
Yes! You can use the registration form on the website.

I can not attend all classes. Can I still participate?
Yes. However, there is no price reduction.

I want to cancel my registration. How do I do that and what does it cost?
You will have to send us a written notice (e-mail, fax, letter). 
If you cancel at least 6 weeks before the start of the course you will be liable to pay a 20% administration fee. If you cancel later or do not show up you will owe us the entire course fee.  More info >

And in case of illness?
The same cancellation conditions apply. If you can find someone to replace you (before the start of the course), you only pay a small contribution to the administration costs.

How can I pay?
After registering you will receive a confirmation with the amount to be paid and the banking details.
For workshops in Orval and ongoings we ask a 20% deposit, for other courses we ask to pay the total amount at once. If this is a problem feel free to propose something else.

Can I get an invoice?
Yes. There are no extra costs for an e-mail invoice in your own name and address. For other invoices there is an extra cost.  More info >

What do I need to bring?
This is mentioned in the confirmation letter. You will not need to buy anything specially for the course.

Can I contact other particpants to travel together?
Yes. After registering you can receive the list of participants.

Where can I stay?
The workshops in Orval are all in. More info >
The workshops in Antwerp do not include lodging or food. It is not possible to stay at East West Centre but we have a list of possible accommodation nearby. More info > 

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