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  • Frank & Kathy Coppieters: shamanic trainings, reiki, evolutionary consciousness

    Workshops & trainings in Antwerp en Orval. Read More
  • International dance workshops: 5 Rhythms, Movement Medicine, Open Floor

    with Sue Rickards, Andrea Juhan, Ya'Acov Darling Khan, Kathy Altman & Lori Saltzman, Adam Barley, Tammy Burstein, Lucia Horan, David Mooney, Cathy Ryan, Silvija Tomcik, Amber Ryan, ... Read More
  • Tom Monte: Living from the Soul: healing workshops in Antwerp & Orval

    "Healing is bringing together what has been separated." Deeply transformative and healing workshops & trainings. Read More
  • T'ai chi chuan intensive with Lenzie Williams, 3-7 April, Orval

    Intensive workshop for anyone who has practised the short Yang style for more than 2 years. Read More
  • 10-day intensive chef training in natural cooking, 23 April - 3 May, Orval

    Intensive training in fresh, local, organic, wholesome, macrobiotic and mainly vegan cooking. Read More
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Shamanic training: new 1st year starting soon

Frank & Kathy Coppieters have offered 3+ year shamanic trainings in Orval since 2009. A new 1st year will be starting in January 2015.
> more information

Reiki workshop with Frank & Kathy Coppieters

Reiki 1, 9-11 January 2015, Antwerp.
> more information

All I have to do is dream, Sue Rickards

5 Rhythms workshop in Antwerp, 31 Jan - 1 Feb 2015
more information

Tom Monte in Antwerp: 2-4 February

Workshops: Finding, restoring and keeping love alive - for a lifetime. The power of your beliefs. The four secrets to reversing major disease.
> more information

Heartbeat 'Intimacy', Silvija Tomcik

5 Rhythms workshop in Antwerp, 14-15 March 2015
more information

Courses in the next days

Welcome to the site of East West Centre

East West Centre organizes workshops and other activities around natural healing and personal transformation integrating the energetic perspective of the East and the ecological vision of the West.

We work with highly qualified teachers who love their jobs and walk their talk.

Many of our workshops are in Dutch. However, we also have some fabulous teachers from the UK and the US:

Kathy Altman (Open Floor)
Adam Barley (5 Rhythms)
Tammy Burstein (5 Rhythms)
Frank & Kathy Coppieters (Shamanism /Reiki)
Ya'Acov Darling Khan (Movement Medicine)
Phyllis Furumoto (Reiki)
Lucia Horan (5 Rhythms)
Andrea Juhan (Open Floor)
Tom Monte (Living from the Soul)
David Mooney (Movement Medicine)
Simone Parris (Natural Cooking)
Sue Rickards (5 Rhythms)
Amber Ryan (5 Rhythms)
Cathy Ryan (5 Rhythms)
Lori Saltzman (Open Floor)
Silvija Tomcik (5 Rhythms)
Francisco Varatojo (natural healing)
Lenzie Williams (Tai Chi)

All English workshops take place in Antwerp (non residential) or Orval (residential, in beautiful nature).