Welcome to the site of East West Centre

East West Centre organizes workshops and other activities around natural healing and personal transformation integrating the energetic perspective of the East and the ecological vision of the West.


We work with highly qualified teachers who love their jobs and walk their talk.


Many of our workshops are in Dutch. However, we also have some fabulous teachers from the UK and the US:

Alain Allard (5 Rhythms)

Kathy Altman (5 Rhythms)

Tammy Burstein (5 Rhythms)

Frank & Kathy Coppieters (Shaman /Reiki)

Ya'Acov Darling Khan (Movement Med.)

Andrew Holmes (5 Rhythms)

Jonathan Horan (5 Rhythms)

Andrea Juhan (5 Rhythms)

Tom Monte (Living from the Soul)

Jackie Notman (Feng Shui)

Simone Parris (Natural Cooking)

Sue Rickards (5 Rhythms)

Francisco Varatojo (natural healing)

Deborah J. Weitzman (Alexander)

Lenzie Williams (Tai Chi)


All English workshops take place in Antwerp (non residential) or Orval (residential, in beautiful nature).



Shamanic trainings
with Frank & Kathy Coppieters

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Feng Shui
with internationally acclaimed expert Jon Sandifer 
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Permacultuur ontwerpcursus

Zorg voor de aarde, zorg voor de mens en eerlijk delen. 
Traject van zes keer drie dagen middenin de mooiste bossen.
Beursplaatsen beschikbaar.
Met minister van voedselbossen Bert Dhondt. 

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Open day in Antwerp

Sunday 8th January 2012

Ongoing course introductions, information, book & cd shop, ...

All sessions are free. No need to register.


Detailed programme


Antwerpen, 9 t/m 13 september 2013

Elke dag verschillende open kennismakingslessen voor een introductieprijs: 5 euro per les!


volledig programma

Start to cook!

Leef gezond en vitaal!

Leer lekker koken met verse, volwaardige, veggie, bio producten.

> vegetarische kook- en baklessen


Shamanism is a universal path of wisdom that strikes a deep chord in people willing to open their hearts and minds to the unknown.


> Frank & Kathy Coppieters:

highly recommended shamanic days, workshops & 3 year training, reiki, the kabbala

Tom Monte: Living from the Soul

"Healing is bringing together what has been separated."


Deeply transformative and healing workshops.


More information


Tevreden cursisten

Oost West Centrum behaalde de uitzonderlijk hoge tevredenheidsscore van 4,47/5. 


Courses in the next days

Wed 23-7 Deep Focus Orval, Bois-le-Comte
Deep Focus Orval, Bois-le-Comte
Innerlijke kind - vierdaagse Orval, Bois-le-Comte
Permacultuur belevingsweek Orval, Bois-le-Comte
Yin yang yoga - zomerreeks Leuven yogaruimte
Thu 24-7 Innerlijke kind - vierdaagse Orval, Bois-le-Comte
Fri 25-7 Astrale reis en werken met energie Antwerpen OWC
Innerlijke kind - vierdaagse Orval, Bois-le-Comte
Loslaten Orval, Bois-le-Comte
Sat 26-7 Innerlijke kind - vierdaagse Orval, Bois-le-Comte
Intuïtieve ontwikkeling en transformatie Antwerpen OWC
Loslaten Orval, Bois-le-Comte


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